Notification and Leave of Absence


Notifying the School if your child is absent

The school needs to know when a student is absent. If your child is taken ill or can’t make it to school for whatever reason we would appreciate you contacting us. You can call reception on 01522 822428 and leave a message for us or you can email the school at . Please make sure you let us know your Childs full name and their year group.


If your child has a dentist/doctors or other appointment and has to leave school early please write and sign a short note for them to show to their teacher. All students must sign out with reception before leaving the building in case of a fire so they can be identified as being off school site during an evacuation.


Requesting a Leave of Absence

It is illegal to authorise absence during term time for family holidays, any special considerations must go to the Headteacher.


The letter needs to be addressed to:


Mrs A Dawson

The Acorn Free School

248 Calder Road




School Closure Information

In the event of the school closing due to bad weather or any other unforeseen event, details will be posted here as soon as any decision has been made.

Announcements will be made on the Lincolnshire County Council website ( and attempts will be made to contact all parents.